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Listing Policy

You are invited to place your link on our online dating directory. We ask in return that you include a link back to the directory from an indexed HTML page on your site.

To qualify for inclusion in the directory, your site should meet the following criteria:

You must place a link back to us using one of our supplied links, on an indexed page no further than 1 click from the home page of the site to be listed.

You must not be an affiliate site (such that your data comes from another sites' database or you drive users to another site).

Sites must contain a reasonable amount of content (i.e. adverts) to be eligible for listing. We only list dating and related romance sites. Adult contacts sites must be tasteful. No porn sites.

To be listed under 100% free, you MUST be 100% free for ALL services that you provide in relation to the site you are listing.

Sites must be listed under their own single domain rather than a) spread across multiple domains or b) a sub-domain of a free hosting service (such as tripod, angelfire, geocities etc.)

Sites must provide a good user experience and not include multiple pop-ups, music, unasked for installations or pages that cannot be exited.

If your site does not meet the criteria above then please do not apply. We only list high quality sites that give our visitors useful information or content.

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